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About Robert Routledge Consulting

Greetings! I'm Robert Routledge, a results-oriented senior leader with over 10 years of experience in organizational leadership and a strong passion for data analysis, automation, and getting things done. As an Automation and Business Intelligence Consultant, I specialize in utilizing cutting-edge technologies and analytical tools to drive business success and empower organizations to make data-driven decisions.


Driving Efficiency with Advanced Technologies

My proficiency spans a wide range of technologies, including SQL, C#, Python, Tableau and Power Platform. These powerful tools enable me to create robust solutions that effectively address efficiency challenges for clients. I have successfully leveraged my expertise to extract data from multiple sources, synchronize back-end data, and develop applications using low-code tools that streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Business Intelligence with Power BI

Data is the foundation of success in the modern business landscape. I have a deep understanding of data analysis with Power BI, allowing me to craft visually engaging and interactive dashboards. These dashboards enable organizations to gain comprehensive insights into their operations, resulting in informed decision-making and streamlined workflows.

Professional Experience: Delivering Tangible Results

As the founder of Robert Routledge Consulting, I've been serving clients since 2021, providing them with top-notch automation and business intelligence solutions. I take immense pride in creating applications that have empowered over 1,000 school district staff, revolutionizing processes like mileage reimbursement claims, professional development registration, and employee device requests.

During my tenure as the Provincial Co-Campaign Manager and Field Director at the BC Green Party from 2020 to 2023, I led campaigns that saw tremendous success. From candidate nomination processes to volunteer management, I strategically oversaw activities that significantly impacted the party's voter outreach, funds raised, and overall success.

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